Laura B. Corpuz

Laura CorpuzThroughout her entire life, Laura Balatbat Corpuz has been driven by a passion for poetry, arts and education. Born in the Philippines during World War II, Ms. Corpuz grew up with an affinity for memorizing and reciting poetry. She soon gained notoriety for writing her own while growing older. She attended St. Anne’s College due to a scholarship and earned prizes and prestige during her time there. She is fluent in three languages; Tagalog, English and Spanish, which have all had a role in her career.

In 1969, she moved to the United States and married her husband, Ricarte Santos Corpuz. Together they have three grown children and several grandchildren. Ms. Corpuz is the interlibrary loan coordinator at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. She is also an established and accomplished writer, and has published many of her works in magazines and online. She started working at Bradley University in 1978. In 2011, she joined the National Association of Professional Women, and in 2014 became a member of the National Women’s History Museum.

Ms. Corpuz’ work, titled, “Mga Pahina ni Laura” can be found at and also linked to Her poems are posted on

Ms. Copuz graduated from the National Teachers College in Manila with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education in 1966. She furthered her education at the institution with graduate classes in guidance and counseling classes. In 1983, she earned an associate’s degree in applied science at Illinois Central College. She also took graduate classes at the University of Illinois in library science.

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